Body Positivity and Weight Loss

Something I have always struggled with is body positivity and weight loss. As someone who strongly identifies as body positive, I have been told on multiple occasions that there is no room for weight loss in the body positive community. When I finally decided to commit to losing weight, I made sure my motivation came from a place of self-love. This is when I realized it was entirely possible to be both body positive and weight conscious.

Body Positivity and Weight Loss: 5 Self-Loving Reasons to Lose Weight

Family health concerns

Type 2 diabetes runs in my family and has always been at the back of my mind. Given that I already had genetics working against me, I decided I did not want to further increase my chances by also being obese. Learn more about type 2 diabetes here.

Joint pain

I have spent the majority of my adult life just accepting that I have “bad knees.” Sitting on my knees at school, and at weddings, has always been a bit painful, and getting out of that position is even worse. I got really tired of embracing chronic pain and realized I had to make some changes.

Improve mood

I have struggled with anxiety and depression since I was a teenager. In recent years, I have tried learning to cope without medication with varying success. The endorphins released during daily exercise have already improved my mood and made me less stressed. Learn more about exercise and anxiety and depression here.

Save money

Most articles will tell you that losing weight means saving on health costs later in life. For me, losing weight means saving money on plus size clothing! My options for shopping plus size locally are extremely limited, and ordering online means fighting the conversion rate and paying duty.

New life experiences

Weighing almost 300 pounds has also prevented me from a lot of life experiences I would otherwise really enjoy. There are weight limits on SO MANY THINGS! My weight has prevented me from going zip lining in Las Vegas, skydiving, racing go karts, and riding on jet skis.

What are your thoughts?

Are body positivity and weight loss mutually exclusive?

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